WorkInSync App for Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is an essential communication platform for many modern enterprises. WorkInSync offers a powerful app for the Teams platform.

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With the WorkInSync Teams app you can

As an Employee

As a People Manager

Bot Commands

Most of the features of the ‘WorkInSync’ teams tab are also available using a bot command. WorkInSync bot is a conversational bot and also understands your natural language commands.

Here are the common tasks for which you can talk to the bot

  1. Book a seat - Start with the command or a variation of it, the bot will ask you for the rest of the details.

  2. Fetch an existing booking - Try commands like ‘Show me my upcoming bookings’ for the next booking or ‘Show my bookings for tomorrow’ for a specific date.

  3. Modifying or Cancelling an existing booking - Once you have fetched a booking you can use the options on the booking card to modify or cancel the booking. The cutoffs for cancellation are enforced by your organization.

  4. Check-in or Check-out - When working from home, you can check-in right from within Teams app using a simple bot command. If there’s an existing planned ‘work from home’ booking you will be checked in against that else we will create a WFH booking and check you in automatically. You can also check-out at the end of the day with a simple command to let your colleagues know.

  5. Find a Teammate - Find where a colleague is working from today


Personal Tabs

  1. Bookings Tab: You can browse across dates using the Calendar control to view past and future bookings. For future bookings you can also edit or cancel your plans.

  2. Team Activity Tab: 'Team Activity' tab in your personal context is a quick shortcut to whereabouts of the people you generally work with. You can also use the search feature to look for a specific person across the organization.

Team Tabs

Team Activity Tab: Working closely with a team! Install our 'Team Activity' tab in your 'Team' context for a quick shortcut to whereabouts of the given team.